Quarterly Executive Team Strategy Session

Quarterly Executive Team Strategy Session

Markets are changing faster than ever, which means strategies must change frequently – and be innovative – to remain relevant, competitive, effective, focused, nimble, responsive and profitable.

If your company cannot respond quickly and effectively to shifts in the market, you will fall behind, find yourselves working even harder (not smarter) and lose the energy and enthusiasm that comes with being a leader in your field.

The Executive Team Strategy Session is designed for executive teams in hyper-competitive or rapidly changing markets, such as technology, software development, communications, advertising, and real estate.

At a minimum, executive teams need to generate quarterly action plans for each of the executive team members’ areas of influence/operation that support the organization’s goals. The Executive Team Strategy Session is uniquely designed to accomplish this.

So why not just do this yourself, self-facilitating your own planning sessions?
The truth is, it’s actually very difficult for intact teams to create the necessary strategy structure themselves, or restructure their strategies on a frequent enough basis on their own without an outside perspective. It’s not that you can’t, but rather the demands of daily business activities, putting out fires and dealing with interruptions makes this quite challenging for an executive team.

When  you experience the Executive Team Strategy Session led by Michael O. “Coop” Cooper, your team will:

  • Create executive team alignment that ensures everyone is on the same page working toward the same goals and understands the other areas of the business – what they are working on and how it impacts their own areas and the overall organization goals.
    Without this, teams may be working at cross purposes without realizing it, costing the company valuable time and money, as well as having a negative effect on company morale.


  • Identify gaps, risks, problem areas and unknowns at a deep level.There are many advantages to using an external facilitator (also described as an “intimate outsider”) when you are identifying gaps, risks, problem areas, and as-yet-unknown concerns:
    Some of the advantages are:
    • Everyone’s input is considered, so everyone feels heard and can contribute powerfully.
    • The leader of the meeting does not have to wear two hats at once, so s/he can participate fully and freely in the strategy session, thus serving in a more valuable role; and internal facilitators are not put in the awkward position of confronting ineffective patterns and problem solving. (It’s hard to tell your boss when he or she is being a bit of a roadblock.)
    • Preventing the paralyzing experience of “group think”, which simply perpetuates the same problems and issues you’ve had before.
      An external facilitator can recognize “group think” and ineffective patterns quickly, saving the company untold amounts of time, money, and frustration – and making it possible to focus on finding the innovative solutions that will keep your company relevant, competitive, responsive and more profitable.
    • Protection from one your greatest obstacles – letting the busy-ness of daily activities take priority over the larger, more impactful focus on the company goals and plans.
      Busy-ness keeps people distracted and makes it easy for them to focus internally only, which is a risk or threat  to business sustainability.
  • Recognize opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and threats so you can develop innovative, influential and highly effective solutions.
    The wisdom and knowledge that comes from having worked in large multinational corporations as well as small business starts ups (and everything in between) is an invaluable contribution to the Executive Team Strategy Session. The depth and breadth of the facilitator’s skills has a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of a strategy session as well as what is needed to ensure the new plan is implemented.


  • Co-create a simple framework for tracking progress after the strategy session, so the company will continue to reap the benefits of the strategy session long after it has concluded.

Coop helps the executive team achieve these results via:

  • Using the law of enforced efficiency.
  • Group coaching.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Rapid Strategy Development.
  • And powerful prioritization.

How much more could your company grow, contribute and innovate if you had the asset of a highly skilled and proven external facilitator to help your team guide the company in a fast changing environment?

The Executive Team Strategy Session is typically completed in 1 day, though some companies choose to go deeper and request a 2 day session. 

In addition to the Executive Team Strategy Session, there is the additional option of receiving- ongoing support and coaching for individual team members or the entire team for interim strategy development, problem solving, communication and leadership development.

To explore whether an Executive Team Strategy Session is the best next step, based on your needs, please call Coop at (415) 702-9123 or fill in the form below.