Team Rapid Action Planning

Team Rapid Action Planning

The Team Rapid Action Planning Session was developed primarily to address specific issues faced by teams in competitive, rapidly changing markets, such as:

  • It’s difficult for teams to self-organize.
  • It’s difficult for companies to ask for input in a way that elicits the best ideas (some of the best ideas for your company come from within your employee pool).
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and not focus on the strategic problem solving, operational issues, or even understanding the employees’ perspective of the problems in your organization.
  • Teams that are not engaged with the company’s success, sustainability, and culture, experience frustrating ups and downs in productivity, profitability, company morale and effective communication.

The Team Rapid Action Planning session is ideal for:

  • Multidisciplinary teams.
  • Organizations experiencing a lack of engagement or focus.
  • Organizations that need to re-energize their team.
  • Organizations that want to unleash the creativity and untapped talent on their teams.
  • Thriving organizations who want to remain competitive and relevant.
  • Organizations that want to try a different approach to team planning that is road-tested, proven and effective.

When a team participates in the Team Rapid Action Planning session, whether it’s the entire company, a department, or a specific work or project group, the team will gain by:

  • Creating buy-in and engagement from the entire team – so no more working at cross purposes, ineffective communication or disengagement and/or disinterest from individual team members.


  • Developing an effective framework for tracking progress – so everyone understands how their progress (or lack of) affects others on the team, there is a higher degree of accountability, team members help each other out more and there is an increase in team commitment and enthusiasm.


  • Unleashing the energy, passion and focus of team members – resulting in the ability to make rapid responses in a fast moving market, more excitement and enthusiasm about the work they do and the customers they serve, heightened resiliency of team members, and the opportunity to contribute even more to the company’s sustainable success.


Coop helps your team achieve these results by:

  • Crowd-sourcing great ideas – inspiring team members to realize what a difference they make and how appreciated they are.
  • Identifying latent problems, so the team can collectively discover ways to address or eliminate these problems, as well as having a blueprint for dealing with any additional problems which crop up after the session is over.
  • Engaging people who are affected by and engaged in solving problems – so they can bring their experience and wisdom to the team in an effective and meaningful way.
  • Observing who is engaged and disengaged – and addressing it upfront so the entire team can experience the change.
  • Identifying what matters the most to each person on your team – so everyone is able to better understand and meet each others’ needs, resulting in loyal, engaged team members.
  • Creating an action plan with milestones and due dates for every idea or issue – which increases group accountability, support, and engagement.
  • Capturing and distributing all the discussion notes about every idea or issue to every person on your team – so everyone is on the same page with the same expectations…and there will be no room for excuses.

How will having a more engaged, effective, group-oriented team committed to the sustainable success of the company improve the company’s profitability and range of impact?

How will having a team like this affect the lives and everyday business activities of the team members, themselves?

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