What Raving Fans Say…

“Changed my life: Genius!”

“Coop changed my life. He helped me figure out what I really want to do when I grow up and exactly how to get there. Genius!”

Jody Medich
Co-Founder & Creative Director, Kicker Studio


“Doubled our revenues”

“Stamen more than doubled our revenues in the first year we started working with Coop. We worked hard for it, but Coop was crucial to that success. There are a very few people that I trust with important business decisions; Coop is one of them. He’s Stamen’s premier confidant, advisor, and sounding board.”

Eric Rodenbeck
Founder and Creative Director, Stamen.com


“Makes me face the hardest parts so my business doesn’t suffer”

“Coop makes me face the parts of starting this business that are hardest for me and make me afraid. I’m capable of facing them, and his coaching is helping me see them for the challenges they are and addressing them, rather than ignoring them and letting my business suffer for that.”

Andrea Lieberman, Founder, BikingBillboards.com


“Helped me clarify what is – and isn’t – important”

“Working with Michael “Coop” Cooper was an important investment in me and my business. As a type-A go-getter, I often have many things on my professional and personal plates, which can leave me feeling stressed, overwhelmed and tired. I engaged Coop to help me clarify what is – and isn’t important – as I continue to grow my already successful business.

Coop is a wonderful coach who really cares about his clients. He listens and provides insight that you often just don’t see for yourself. He strikes the balance between being nurturing and giving you a kick in the tush when needed.Throughout out time together, he kept me focused on my goals and what matters most.

If you are looking to live the life you are meant to live – and show up to work every day with a renewed sense of energy – Coop is the right coach for you. I can also tell you that I knew Coop personally for many years on a personal level before hiring him to be my coach, and can attest to his authenticity and tremendous sense of integrity and character. I highly recommend him!”

Suzanne Franchetti
Founder, CEOHer & Principal Trainer, Jack Franchetti Communications, Inc.



“My work with Coop has been powerful over the years. Through our work together, he has helped me tap into my strengths both personally and professionally. Coop understands the blocks that binds creatives to their internal struggles and negative dialogue, and he helps to release those blocks through energy work and cognitive exploration. He has helped me tap into and cultivate my strengths and release the unconscious beliefs that have paralyzed me in certain aspects of my career. Our work together is giving me the tools to foster a more successful career and a harmonious personal life; but more importantly, my relationship with myself has never been stronger.”

Dana Goldberg
Professional Comedian, Writer, and Producer, www.danagoldberg.com


“Helped us grow strong leaders”

“Coop has helped us to grow strong leaders, manage transitions more smoothly, and improve team and client communications. I personally rely on his counsel to help me better motivate my employees and become a more effective mentor.”

Molly M. Miller
Founder, Engage PR, www.engagepr.com


“Asks the right questions”

“In a short amount of time, Coop has helped our management team refine goals and adjust the company culture after a sustained period of growth. His ability to listen carefully, ask the right questions, and help devise appropriate and fast-tracked goals is superb, not to mention extremely appreciated.”

Darius Himes, Director, Fraenkel Gallery, www.fraenkelgallery.com


“Clarity and confidence to move forward”

I came to Coop to help me refocus the purpose of my business and develop a strategy for the next phase of my life as an entrepreneur. We started our work together around my own personal purpose, which is central to the work I do as the owner of a small design agency. He helped me define my own true mission of helping society provide for its needs without compromising the health of the environment. This is how I define sustainability, which is not only my own passion but the key driver of the communications strategy and design work we do for our clients at L Studio. Aligning my personal and professional goals gave me the clarity and confidence to move forward in a way that is authentic and fully integrated.

Coop’s ability to help me connect with a deep inner truth and express that through my professional goals has been powerful. He has helped reinvigorate my outlook on both my life and career. Anyone who is willing to open to the magic of his process will get equally profound results.

Marianna Leuschel, Founder, L Studio, www.lstudio.net


“Shifted our culture”

We approached Coop to help us shift our culture a year ago. He was very careful to understand our needs and our current culture and develop a customized project that exceeded my expectations. Our employees give very high marks to their work and often reach out to him when they have questions or are facing challenges they don’t know how to handle. Coop stands behind his coaching and training and is always supportive even after the project is complete.

Marisa Ramans Mayer
Vice President, Human Resources
Bite Communications, www.bitecommunications.com


“More competitive and strategic”

“Coop has made a strong impact on my career and personal development. He understands the qualities of a good CEO and has given me the tools to transition from being a team leader to running the agency in a very short period of time. Coop teaches executives to leverage their personal qualities to make their businesses more competitive and strategic.”

Jeannette Bitz
Managing Partner, Engage PR, www.engagepr.com


“Fine-tuned the way we all work together”

“Coop has guided our staff through periodic meetings that have fine-tuned the way we all work together. Everyone I work with looks forward to his sessions, which are as enjoyable as they are productive.”

Jeffrey Fraenkel
Founder and Owner, Fraenkel Gallery, www.fraenkelgallery.com


“Long-term vision and real-world insight”

“Coop has long-term vision and real-world insight. He has helped grow Meat Team Internal TV from the glimmer of an idea and continues to help channel my energy to produce measurable results. In today’s new business environment, Coop has been essential in pushing Meat Team to leverage our innovative approach to meet the real business needs of our clients.”

Shamus Halkowich
Founder and Managing Director, Meat Team Internal TV