Innovative + Influential Successes and Accomplishments

LovingLeaders, LLC is focused on creating behavioral change in organizations and for individuals. We achieve that by combining coaching, training, advising, strategizing, counseling, speaking and program development. Here are some of our accomplishments for 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013:

Retained Advising & Coaching:

  • Served four executive teams year round as retained coach, advisor and strategist. All three organizations surpassed previous year revenues, hired new employees, expanded operations and improved quality of their sales pipelines.
  • Helped family-owned business employees identify and resolve sources of conflict and develop a clear business strategy for the first time in 15 years. Improved business pipeline and reduced stress.
  • Helped an executive team of a multi-million dollar company accurately describe what the company does – after they struggled with it for 12 years! Improved company focus and clarified strategy.
  • Helped design company CEO evaluate acquisition offer while protecting employee and partner interests. Increased perceived value of organization, preserved competitive advantage, preserved management structure and dramatically increased offer amount.
  • Helped a COO restructure a 50-person company to focus more closely on shifting market needs. Significantly improved company performance.
  • Helped an executive team reduce communication errors and missed expectations by learning each others’ neuro-effiency, communication needs, communication preferences and motivators. Reduced stress, improved trust, improved organizational performance.
  • Helped a world-renowned art advisor establish a succession plan as she readies for retirement.
  • Helped a billion-dollar real estate firm evaluate an offer to sell the company.
  • Helped a design studio discover their firm’s purpose, clarify their message and target market and plan for several new key clients.

Strategy & Coaching:

  • Helped owner of an engineering firm double revenue in three months.
  • Helped ten companies improve revenue. 
  • Helped a design company’s partners develop seven collaborative agreements (feedback, communication, conflict management, decision-making, attendance, accountability, amendments) to eliminate interpersonal conflicts and clarify management strategy.
  • Helped a design company clarify their focus and hone communication to prospective clients and media. Improved qualification of prospective clients.
  • Helped two CEOs find the purposes of their companies and re-align operations to support their purposes.
  • Helped two speciality travel companies clarify their vision, market needs and strategies. One doubled revenue.
    Identified the new market problem a billion-dollar company is solving, developed strategy to address the problem, developed communication plan to inform employees and customers of shift in focus, aligned executive team on strategy and execution.
  • Coached owner of accounting firm to present to clients based on their information needs and neuro-efficiency. Improved customer relationships and business pipeline.
  • Helped a design company improve their business development process, resulting in too much work – they had to turn away clients in the worst market in their history!
  • Helped design firm find a more effective CPA. Reduced taxes by $30,000.
  • Helped a CEO discipline an employee following local legal statutes for the first time, resulting in improved employee performance and motivation.
  • Helped four entrepreneurs clarify their business audience, develop specific offerings, set pricing, start operations and reduce stress.

Facilitation / Troubleshooting:

  • Facilitated company-wide meeting to identify source of employee stress for large, world-renowned photography gallery. Identified personal triggers and interpersonal issues. Reduced stress and increased productivity.
  • Facilitated summit between video game publishers and manufacturer. Clarified publisher needs and identified 127 action items for manufacturer to improve relationship with publishers. Publishers told manufacturer proposed strategy would damage their businesses. Manufacturer implement many publisher suggestions. Improved relationships and trust.
  • Facilitated company-wide discussion with design firm to clarify hopes, dreams, goals, expectations and accountabilities for the year.
  • Facilitated public relations firm company-wide discussion on employee disengagement and market malaise and enrolled every employees in owning the solution, resulting in high employee engagement, improved company performance and 72 action items to address issues. Held each person accountable to their action items over a six month period. Improved accountability and employee engagement in the organization.
  • Facilitated major video game manufacturer and developers’ marketing team clarify their strategy, troubleshoot ailing accounts and improve and streamline their internal communications.


  • Trained 250 managers at multiple organizations how to effectively coach employees.
  • Trained 450 managers to conduct performance conversations effectively at a video game manufacturer.
  • Improved organizational ability to respond to market changes. Eight weeks later, 70% of their employees report improvements.
  • Trained a software development sales team to adjust communication for neuro-efficiency. Increased sales performance within 30 days.
  • Trained 25 non-profit employees to communicate effectively as a multi-generational team internally and externally to customers, focusing on information needs, communication preferences, generational differences and similarities.
  • Developed and delivered training program to help managers champion innovation across their teams.

Personal Coaching / Counseling:

  • Helped unemployed executive determine financial and emotional needs, clarify focus, improve resume, improve interview skills, evaluate offers and negotiate rewarding employment package.
  • Helped retiring CEO determine life purpose and identify new career.
  • Coached a stand-up comedian to overcome procrastination, clarify career goals, find life purpose, identify core wound, clarify audience and message. Increased confidence, bookings and revenues, expanded international audience.
  • Helped two over-worked sisters in a family business identify source of their stress: they had no control of their lives – their parents were still controlling them. Helped each shift career focus and develop more balanced lives.
  • Helped COO evaluate promotion offer for CEO role. Clarified expectations, needs and resources available.
  • Changed CEO role description to address shifting market needs. Identified new resources necessary for successful execution.
  • Helped a sculptural artist identify and overcome source of procrastination, clarify business vision, develop schedule and structure to address all responsibilities. Improved identity, confidence and productivity.
  • Helped 35 individuals find their life purpose through BrillianceQuest program. Changed lives and careers.
  • Helped 45 people understand exactly how their brains process information, which motivators trigger their attention, which fears drive their behaviors and which information needs they are constantly searching for.
  • Helped a Director of Planning & Logistics tailor communication based on employees’ neuro-efficiency. Simplified communication, reduced errors and improved trust.
  • Helped a Director of Marketing tailor communication and leadership style based on employees’ neuro-efficiency. Improved trust and efficiency.
  • Coached a new manager gain confidence by developing successful manager mindset, adjusted communication based on employees’ neuro-efficiency, provided tools for successfully managing employees and structure for balancing workload.
  • Helped a jewelry artist clarify vision, goals, business operations and build a schedule to address all responsibilities.
  • Mentored eight coaches to improve coaching skills, confidence and revenues.


  • Presented to twelve organizations on business strategy, training strategy, coaching skills, neuro-efficiency and managing multi-generational teams.


  • Developed the MindMafia Method to easily access the subconscious (using all three learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic) to create instant and lasting behavioral change by re-writing subconscious entity responsibilities. Helped people lose weight, overcome procrastination, eliminate addictions, eliminate escaping/avoiding, improve business revenues, develop clarity, understand behavioral tendencies and heal core wounds.
  • Developed 12-week organizational purpose training program with a team of volunteers for the True Purpose Institute.