The 3 Reasons Why Creative Entrepreneurs Always Struggle

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Every business owner sabotages their business – often without knowing it. Innovators + Influencers like us are no exception. Why does this happen when surely we “know better”? It happens because we all have personal blind spots that prevent us from running our businesses well. These blind spots cause us to make decisions and take actions that do not move … Read More

What’s Next?

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I Love My Work In my¬†last blog post¬†I wrote that I was throwing in the towel and shutting my business down. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going away, because¬†I absolutely love what I do. I love coaching bright, successful innovators and influencers to even greater success. If I won the lottery I would still get up everyday and help others … Read More

I’m Throwing in the Towel….and Launching a New Business!

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I quit. Yes, me, the executive coach who’s been at this game for over 15 years and who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their businesses around, I’m throwing in the towel on my business. Why? It’s Time to Pivot. How Do I Know? The hallmark of a great entrepreneur is knowing when to pivot. Knowing when to zig or … Read More

Is Your Brain the Reason You’re Underpaid?

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Right brain entrepreneurs and executives are consistently undervalued and underpaid. I’ve written before about the reasons why right brain entrepreneurs and executives are overwhelmed, overcommitted and overworked, but today¬† I want to talk about where the rubber meets the road – in our wallets. As with other patterns that tend to hold us back from living and working in a … Read More

How NOT to Be A Right Brain Super Hero

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In the last post we talked about what the Super Hero Syndrome is, and why it is a particular challenge for the right brain entrepreneur. One of the reasons right brain entrepreneurs are overworked is because of this syndrome. In today’s post we’re going to talk about the primary elements that create the Super Hero Syndrome and predispose us to … Read More

Do You Suffer From Super Hero Syndrome?

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We live in a world of constant pressure and unrealistic expectations. The super heroes of our youth and the heroes in the media today have warped our sense of what is realistic and what is humanly possible. While it’s sometimes difficult for us to admit that we’re human, many people I work with have difficulty understanding why they overwork. Think … Read More

Why You’re Overwhelmed and Overcommitted – and What To Do About It [replay]

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This week we finished the first teleclass in a series examining and explaining some common traps for right brain entrepreneurs and executives. The first class focused on why you are overwhelmed and overcommitted…the patterns that lead to this…and waht you can do about it in practical, straightforward suggestions. Listen to this powerful teleclass: Online? Listen here. (Link will open in … Read More

Are You Feeling Trapped By Your Business?

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Last week I met with Bob, who owns a small business and wanted to talk with me because he felt trapped by his business. He started his business several years ago and has lost sight of his original vision. He’s overwhelmed by his very long to do list. And while he enjoys the freedom of being his own boss, he … Read More