Why I Created BrillianceQuest

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Accelerating personal growth isn’t easy. Over the past 18 months, while I have been developing and testing BrillianceQuest, many people have asked me, why did you do it? Why did you create this program? The short answer is: because I needed it myself! I was probably just like you. On the outside, I was successful. I had a great business … Read More

Getting the Most Out of Your Coaching Sessions

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Be Prepared. Maximize Your Investment.   1. Be Prepared Set an intention for each session. Prior to your session, give thought as to what would make the biggest difference for you and the assistance and coaching you may need. Generally, sessions that are focused with a specific intention will make you feel more complete and focused. The coaching also handles … Read More

Why is organizational change so difficult?

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Most executives and leaders want some kind of change in their businesses, but struggle with all sorts of approaches, advice or options while rarely making change stick long term. We’ve all been there and think change is really difficult. The truth is that most leaders don’t know how change works!  Change happens on seven levels and you must work on … Read More