Our Brain Types dictate how we see the world, how we process information, how we make decisions and what we naturally avoid. It's critical to know your brain type and how it affects your reality.

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Bringing out the best in your employees and coworkers by catering to their brain type

When managing others or even interacting and working with others, one size does not fit all. Identifying and tailoring your engagement and leadership style to complement different personalities becomes vital in bringing the best out of people. And often these different personalities are shaped by four specific brain types. As hiring has been increasing, especially for a wide variety of growing startups, managing all of the new recruits and resources has become a growing challenge for entrepreneurs, managers and HR professionals alike. In this Google Hangout, I will give an overview on what the brain types are, what to look for when trying to identify which brain type you are presented with, and how to approach them based on their brain type.

Register for this Google Hangout on July 29, 2015 at 12pm Pacific: