Beware of the CEO Who Doesn’t Need Coaching

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This article originally appeared on Working with an executive coach can give invaluable support to entrepreneurs, sometimes making the difference between failure and success. When entrepreneurs are open-minded and enterprising enough to seek help, they can transcend any number of challenging scenarios, resulting in improvements in both their business and their quality of life. However, coaching doesn’t solve all … Read More

Use the Metrics that Really Matter in Your Business

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This article originally appeared on Gross profit. Sales revenue. Cash on hand. All of these are important metrics, but they may not be the most important metrics for your business. When I start working with a new client, I always ask which metrics they track on a frequent basis. I’m often surprised that most people only track a handful, … Read More

What Creatives Can Do About Feeling Undervalued and Underpaid

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This article originally appeared on Creative entrepreneurs have a brain type that I call Innovators + Influencers. When we come up with ideas or make connections between disparate topics or subjects, it often comes in a “flash of brilliance.” While that may seem like it’s easy or involves no work at all, the reality is that this type of … Read More

Why Would a Successful Entrepreneur Hire a Coach?

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This article originally appeared on If you’re already successful, why would you want to hire a coach? It’s not as if coaches have secret powers or have some deep-seated knowledge of your industry that could open the door to more success. Coaches are mere humans like you and me. However, good coaches can help you see what you’re missing … Read More

8 Reasons Why Creatives Will Rule the World

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This article originally appeared on RIGHT-BRAINERS, YOUR TIME HAS COME–THIS IS THE AGE OF THE CREATIVE MIND. In the not-too-distant future, creatives will rule the world. I’m not just saying this because I consider myself a creative. The interconnected systems we use to function in business and society, whether in communication, transportation, design, finance, and more, are increasing in … Read More

Radio: The 3 Biggest Challenges Startups Face

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Last week I recorded a radio show with Alison B. Gerlach, The Unapologetic Capitalist. Please listen in: The Unapologetic Capitalist is a forum to cultivate and encourage the building of significant long-term value in any venture. This is a place for entrepreneurs, business executives, consultants, and anyone who is compelled by innovation and free enterprise. The Unapologetic Capitalist is … Read More

Eight Time Buckets Required for Happy, Creative Entrepreneurs

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This article originally appeared on LinkedIn here. All right-brain entrepreneurs struggle with time management. However, it’s important to pay attention to each of the time buckets that are required to maintain a healthy business and lifestyle. Time buckets are the allocated timeframes that you spend doing certain everyday things and they may vary slightly depending on your business or the … Read More

The 4 Roadblocks for Right Brain Entrepreneurs and Executives

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If you’re a right brain entrepreneur or executive, the odds are stacked against you. In most Western cultures, business is structured as a left-brain activity.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out and be wildly successful. In fact, it means it’s easier for you to stand out…and hence be wildly successful. In fact, what business desperately needs right now … Read More

Are You Baffled By the Emerging Changes in Your Sales Process?

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Working across multiple industries, including advertising, public relations, design, software development, gaming, etc. often gives me unique insights into emerging trends that most people may think are isolated to their particular field or profession. One trend I’m noticing now is that the sales process is changing in each of these industries. It’s not just that the sales cycle has nearly … Read More