7 Vital Steps to Position Your Company for Acquisition

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This article originally appeared on Entrepreneur.com You’ve built a company from scratch and now you’re ready to sell it. First off, congratulations! You’ve done something that most people will never do, and that’s pretty amazing. Selling your company is a big deal. If you position yourself well, you stand to gain enormously. I recently spent time working with several entrepreneurs … Read More

Do You Suck at Hiring and Firing?

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Hiring and evaluating new team members is a challenge for most entrepreneurs – and often an even greater challenge for overcommitted entrepreneurs. We’re often in such a rush to make a decision and get someone – anyone – onboard that we neglect to use some of the best practices. The focus today, when talking about jobs, is almost always on … Read More

Why I Created BrillianceQuest

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Accelerating personal growth isn’t easy. Over the past 18 months, while I have been developing and testing BrillianceQuest, many people have asked me, why did you do it? Why did you create this program? The short answer is: because I needed it myself! I was probably just like you. On the outside, I was successful. I had a great business … Read More