7 Vital Steps to Position Your Company for Acquisition

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This article originally appeared on Entrepreneur.com You’ve built a company from scratch and now you’re ready to sell it. First off, congratulations! You’ve done something that most people will never do, and that’s pretty amazing. Selling your company is a big deal. If you position yourself well, you stand to gain enormously. I recently spent time working with several entrepreneurs … Read More

Do You Suck at Hiring and Firing?

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Hiring and evaluating new team members is a challenge for most entrepreneurs – and often an even greater challenge for overcommitted entrepreneurs. We’re often in such a rush to make a decision and get someone – anyone – onboard that we neglect to use some of the best practices. The focus today, when talking about jobs, is almost always on … Read More

Why I Created BrillianceQuest

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Accelerating personal growth isn’t easy. Over the past 18 months, while I have been developing and testing BrillianceQuest, many people have asked me, why did you do it? Why did you create this program? The short answer is: because I needed it myself! I was probably just like you. On the outside, I was successful. I had a great business … Read More

Is Your MindMafia Running Your Business?

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Some people call it the “committee in their heads” while others call it the “boardroom” in their heads or simply the voices in their heads or on their shoulders. The reality is that there are an entire group of people – a family – residing in your psyche and they are controlling everything you do, including the way you think, … Read More