8 Reasons Why Creatives Will Rule the World

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This article originally appeared on FastCompany.com RIGHT-BRAINERS, YOUR TIME HAS COME–THIS IS THE AGE OF THE CREATIVE MIND. In the not-too-distant future, creatives will rule the world. I’m not just saying this because I consider myself a creative. The interconnected systems we use to function in business and society, whether in communication, transportation, design, finance, and more, are increasing in … Read More

Radio: The 3 Biggest Challenges Startups Face

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Last week I recorded a radio show with Alison B. Gerlach, The Unapologetic Capitalist. Please listen in: http://www.iheart.com/talk/show/The-Unapologetic-Capitalist/?autoplay=true The Unapologetic Capitalist is a forum to cultivate and encourage the building of significant long-term value in any venture. This is a place for entrepreneurs, business executives, consultants, and anyone who is compelled by innovation and free enterprise. The Unapologetic Capitalist is … Read More

What’s Next?

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I Love My Work In my last blog post I wrote that I was throwing in the towel and shutting my business down. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going away, because I absolutely love what I do. I love coaching bright, successful innovators and influencers to even greater success. If I won the lottery I would still get up everyday and help others … Read More

Are You Baffled By the Emerging Changes in Your Sales Process?

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Working across multiple industries, including advertising, public relations, design, software development, gaming, etc. often gives me unique insights into emerging trends that most people may think are isolated to their particular field or profession. One trend I’m noticing now is that the sales process is changing in each of these industries. It’s not just that the sales cycle has nearly … Read More