Purposeful Entrepreneur Monthly Retainer


Ideal for the entrepreneur who wants personalized leadership and coaching guidance for specific issues of building your business around your purpose. Don’t know your purpose? I can help you discover it! We can also evaluate whether a longer-term coaching commitment is appropriate for your business.


  • Experience heightened clarity and confidence in virtually any situation.
  • Develop the skills to manage yourself and your responsibilities outside the business.
  • Learn to use your intuition the way successful business leaders do, particularly in uncertain environments.
  • Increase revenue without matching that increase in your stress level.
  • Leverage your neuro-efficiency (optimal brain function) to achieve results more quickly and with less effort.
  • Experience more happiness and fulfillment, while running a business that is profitable, sustainable and fun.

How it Works

  • You get up to 3 virtual (telephone or skype) coaching sessions per month.
  • Limited email support between coaching sessions
  • The monthly retainer program is $1,000, payable in advance by credit card. This package has a one-month minimum agreement and will automatically renew monthly. You may cancel at any time.

Schedule a Complimentary Coaching Session

Schedule a Complimentary Innovators and Influencers Breakthrough Coaching Session with me to determine if coaching is right for you, and if so, which coaching program is the best fit.