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Right brain entrepreneurs are particularly susceptible to the Super Hero Syndrome. This is when we do too much, try to help everyone else out, don't take time for ourselves, and we work an insane number of hours but don't ever seem to get as much done as we need to.

There are 3 primary contributing factors that create, and perpetuate, the Super Hero Syndrome. They are: our brain, our beliefs, and our habits. All three are important and weigh us down, but it's the beliefs that are usually the most elusive.

In this teleclass, "Save Yourself From Super Hero Syndrome: Why You're Overworked and What To Do About It" we dove deep into how each of these factors play a role, identified many of the beliefs that are holding you captive in overwork (yes, your specific beliefs), and demonstrated a powerful, effective way to change these beliefs.

I also shared very specific strategies and actions you can take to end the cycle of being overworked.

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