Smart business coaching specifically for right-brain entrepreneurs.

Why hire me?

  • Like-Minded. I’m also a right-brain entrepreneur and I’ve helped hundreds of other innovators and influencers discover how to address our common blind spots and develop the perfect personalized structure to thrive.
  • Specialized. Very few coaches, therapists or consultants specialize in helping right-brain entrepreneurs thrive. That’s my specialty. And I have a long history of success at it. I get you and how you think. I can quickly point out the things you just don’t know, unlike many other consultants who want you to follow their step-by-step process that simply won’t work for you.
  • Effective. I’m known for getting to the core of issues quickly. We’ll only focus on what’s important to you and your business. No fluff. No wasting time. I guarantee it. Many clients report they had no idea they could get so much done so quickly.
  • Experienced. Rely on my 15 years of experience supporting hundreds of other right-brain entrepreneurs and teaching corporate leaders how to manage innovators and influencers effectively. I’ve compiled a list of our common blind spots, issues, bad habits and self-limiting beliefs. Whenever we’re working on your business, you can rely on my experience to get results faster.
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