My Personal Philosophy on Giving Back

The concept of “paying it forward” isn’t cliche, it’s a real practice that creates profound change in our world, in our businesses, and in our personal lives. It is a pure act of Regenerative Leadership.

For some people, giving back is something they do because they are supposed to or because they think it makes them look good to others. I am committed to giving back because I know what a difference it makes – not just for an individual – but for everyone that individual impacts. The simple act of giving back can add more value than you can imagine.

This strikes a strong chord with me because I’ve been blessed to have people who believed in me when I wasn’t quite sure I could believe in myself…and people who have supported and helped me unconditionally, in good times and bad. These people were “paying it forward” without any expectation of a return on their investment.

Innovators and Influencers are leaders. As a fellow Innovator and Influencer I consistently “give back” at least 10% of what I take in. This takes different forms, such as supporting organizations I believe in, supporting causes that are in alignment with regenerative leadership, by coaching a TED Fellow and numerous other activities.

I also support Innovators and Influencers who otherwise might not be able to afford coaching. I work with one pro bono client at a time – typically for 3 months – which means I get to support, impact, and elevate 4 emerging innovators and influencers who have not yet grasped or harnessed their gifts, talents and skills. The ripple effect these 4 yearly clients can make is enormous. I do this not because I should, but because it makes a real difference in real people’s lives…and frankly, it makes me feel good.

If you’re interested in applying to become a pro bono client, please contact me.