The Innovators + Influencers Purposeful Entrepreneur Coaching Package

This 1-year virtual coaching program is ideal for the entrepreneur who wants personalized, individual coaching in order to become more effective as an entrepreneur while maintaining strong personal values. In this program you and Coop will work closely together on your goals, plans, strategies, and beliefs – as well as address any issues as they arise throughout the year.

When you enroll in The Innovators + Influencers Purposeful Entrepreneur Coaching Package, you will:

  • experience greater clarity and confidence in virtually any situation
  • gain the skills for becoming more effective at managing yourself, your commitments, and your responsibilities outside the business
  • gain access to your own “inner wisdom” and learn to utilize your intuition to your advantage, as most successful business leaders do, particularly in uncertain environments
  • learn how to increase revenue without a matching increase in your stress level
  • leverage neuro-efficiency (optimal brain function) to achieve results more quickly and with less effort
  • experience more meaning, fulfillment, happiness while running a business that is profitable, sustainable and fun

The Innovators + Influencers Entrepreneur Coaching Program begins with a 2-hour kickstart session for goal setting, delivered via phone or Skype.

This is followed by up to 44  virtual coaching sessions throughout the year, conducted via phone or Skype. Typically you will schedule 3 sessions per month to help you stay on track.

*Note, this coaching package does not include on-site coaching or observation, or the half day planning sessions.


Included with your Purposeful Entrepreneur Coaching Package, you will receive, at no additional cost, the ShiftingBeliefs Package – a 1-month accelerated program that clears the beliefs that are currently getting in your way. This powerful program is a remarkable way to deal with conflicting beliefs, self-sabotage, and any beliefs that are holding you back from being as empowered as you can be.
Bonus Value: $1995   Your investment: $0

BONUS#2: Complimentary Access to all live Innovators + Influencers or BrillianceQuest events during your coaching year.
Bonus Value: unlimited!  Your investment: $0

Your investment in the Innovators + Influencers Entrepreneur Coaching Package is $11,000 per year when paid in full. A payment plan is available.

Schedule a Complimentary Innovators + Influencers Breakthrough Coaching Session with Coop to determine if coaching is right for you, and if so, which coaching program is the best fit.