News Flash: Your Mind Might Be A Dangerous Place!

  • If you suspect that you engage in self-sabotage…
  • If you get caught in loops of negative self-talk…
  • If you feel frustrated, exhausted and drained…
  • If you’re sick of going over the same old ground…
  • If you’re ready to break free…

This is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For.

MindMafia is a unique (and surprisingly enjoyable!) personal development method for having a conscious experience of your subconscious and consciously “turning” the difficult aspects of your psyche — and rallying them into one powerful alliance that works for you, instead of against you. The process has three distinct phases:

  1. Subconscious Mapping
  2. Subconscious Integration
  3. Subconscious Alignment

With each phase you’ll experience deeper levels of freedom, control and happiness.

The MindMafia method clearly identifies the “inner voices” and issues that rule your life, and provides you with the necessary “intel” to create powerful and lasting change. With this method,  you will gain acceptance of the rejected pieces of yourself (yes, we all have them!), and you’ll forge agreements among your various personal stake-holders — allowing you to eliminate internal conflict, anxiety and strife.

With MindMafia You Get:

  • A seasoned guide to help you safely explore the underworld of your mind.
  • Clear identification of the “actors” that drive your behavior subconsciously – your MindMafia!
  • Deep, compassionate understanding of why “the actors” do what they do.
  • Gentle, step-by-step removal of internal blocks.
  • Full-on, steady guidance as you re-write the role descriptions of your internal cast of characters.
  • Forged agreements and alliances between individual parts of your psyche.
  • Alignment of aims and intentions amongst all the aspects of your mind.

And most importantly …

You’ll experience the profound relief and sheer joy that comes with being fully, authentically…and powerfully aligned.

  • Wipe out long-standing internal arguments.
  • Clear old hurdles and blocks.
  • Rally the parts of your psyche into one, powerful alliance.
  • Tap into hidden reserves of energy!
  • It’s like having the sun on your face and the wind at your back!

Are You Ready?

Schedule a Complimentary Right Brain Breakthrough Coaching Session with Coop to determine how the MindMafia Method can help you.