Your beliefs create your reality.


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got a situation you’re not happy with – even a little bit. Yes?

Or maybe there is more than one situation.

If so, the underlying beliefs you have about this situation or yourself, which may be totally unknown to you, are contributing to this being a less than ideal situation.

Believe it or not, it is surprisingly easy to uncover and change these beliefs with a little focus and effort.

Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners to help them shift their limiting beliefs that have been

  • Preventing them from succeeding in their business.
  • Preventing them from taking care of themselves and supporting their health.
  • Preventing them from making the impact they want to make.
  • Keeping them stuck in habitual patterns that deplete them, wear them out, and run them ragged.
  • Causing problems in relationships, contributing to anger, anxiety and even self-destructive behavior.
  • And preventing them from experiencing the fulfillment and joy that comes from having beliefs that work in concert with your goals.

I help people shift their perspective of themselves so they can be more successful…and be successful in a way that is meaningful to them. I use the ShiftingBeliefsTM system with Entrepreneurs and Executives to change their personal patterns that in turn change their businesses.

It’s powerful, instant and lasting.

And it’s easy, simple and confidential.

For example:

After working with dozens of business owners who suffer with crushing debt, I noticed a pattern that each of these clients had these beliefs:

  1. I am a slave.
  2. I am enslaved.
  3. I will always be in debt.
  4. I will never have enough money.
  5. I am beholden to others.
  6. I will be in debt for the rest of my life.

Using proven energy medicine techniques we were able to shift these beliefs, and those clients are now making progress toward getting out of debt.

Another example that I see with a majority of business owners, are this list of beliefs:

  1. I am a fraud
  2. I am living a lie
  3. I am a loser
  4. I am a failure
  5. I cannot have what I want

Do any of those resonate with you?

To discuss how your beliefs may be holding you and your business back, let’s book a private, complimentary Innovators and Influencers Breakthrough Coaching Session or sign up to receive early notification of a the next ShiftingBeliefs Program.


The Accelerated ShiftingBelief Package:

This is a 1-month accelerated program that shifts the beliefs that are currently getting in your way. This powerful program is a remarkable way to deal with conflicting beliefs, self-sabotage, and any beliefs that are holding you back from being as empowered as you can be.

Unlike the group programs, in this accelerated, personalized program, you will work one-on-one with Coop in 4 private, confidential sessions to address the primary belief(s) that are holding you back. We’ll focus on identifying them and shifting them so you are prepared and empowered to create your life and your business the way YOU want it.

Schedule a Complimentary Innovators and Influencers Breakthrough Coaching Session with Coop to determine if coaching is right for you, and if so, which coaching program is the best fit.